Cornered Rat Software's

All Star Team

Cornered Rat Software (LLC) is a team of game developers coming together from across the globe to develop and operate, "World War II Online." Our mission is simple: To provide an amazing service that is truly compelling and so memorable, you'll keep coming back for more! We like to do things a little differently around here, as you'll find us in our games and talking with our players very openly about our shared passion for our products.

CRS is the exclusive software developer for WWII Online, tasked with providing all services required to upkeep and improve the game. This includes; sales, marketing, distribution, game and web development, production, server infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, community management and customer support.

Leadership Team

The CRS leadership team is responsible for managing all legal, administrative tasks and managing the overall daily functions of the business. In addition they work on the vision and direction of the game, "World War II Online," and Cornered Rat Software (LLC). Charged with developing strategic partnerships, handle negotiations, supporting the team leadership and all departments.

Matt "Xoom" Callahan


President and CEO


Development Team

The Development (Dev) team has a very wide role in our organization. This is home base for our programming team and they're often in the game's client, host or other supporting architecture actively working to improve the player's experience. They work hand-in-hand with the Ops team in situations relating to the health of our assets.

Caleb "Sniper62" Luehrs


Lead Developer

Gwynne "Gadget" Raskind


Chief Architect

Ian "Frisbone" Frisbie



Tyler "Victarus" Millican



Mathew "James10" Hogan



Mike "Mikemudd" Cox



Nick "Nickm" Moorse



Tim "Chaoswzkd" Pondel



Mathew "James10" Hogan



Brian "B2k" Steinke



Operations Team

Mike "Pilotmc" Carter


Lead System Administrator

John "Archaeus" Hymes


Storage Engineer

Brandon "Bpendz" Pendleton


System Administrator